Ubuntu/Mint 15/16: Caja/Nautilus Samba copy failure - Illegal argument, Timed out

A very annoying error that seems to reappear.

When trying to copy or transfer a file from or to a Samba (Windows) network share the copy goes abnormally slow, pauses sometimes and at last aborts with errors. The errors are illegal argument (Ogiltigt argument) or timed out.

Linux Mint ~14-15: For these versions I found out that this happens because of a bug in gvfs 1.16. Solution is to replace the problematic versions with bugfixed versions, see this bug:

Or if you want directly to the deb files to install, go here:

These are files for testing, but worked fine for me.

Linut Mint 16: I thought this bug was fixed but it reappeared. Copying files failed again. Applying the above fix does not work as Mint 16 now has gvfs 1.18+ which won't accept downgrade without hassle. I tried to copy with Filezilla and found that the same errors was there over SSH - pausing and abnormally slow transfers.

For me I discovered that it was a problematic Broadcom wifi driver that seemed to cause this. I went to proprietary drivers dialog (when using the traditional menues, go System->Administration->Driver manager) and found that the wifi driver was set to do not use this device. I switched to the broadcom driver and the speed increased and the pauses and halts ended.

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