Mint 15: SSH on LiveCD and start: Unknown job: ssh

I needed to access a machine running on a Linux Mint 15 Live CD (USB stick).

SSH server was as usual not installed, so I installed it.
Among the usual output was the following error:

start: Unknown job: ssh

And when trying to remote into the machine I got connection refused.
The SSH daemon was not started. I tried service ssh start but got the same
error as above when I installed it.

Following this thread and messing around a bit myself I managed to get it to work:

This is what I did to make SSH work on a live usb stick:

Opened a terminal
sudo bash
passwd mint
<type in a simple password>
apt-get install openssh-server
initctl reload-configuration
service ssh start

Then I went to the other machine and logged in with username mint and the password I typed:

ssh <machine-name> -l mint

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