Mint 15: Pluma - Edit keyboard shortcuts, enable text zoom, Autocomplete, F5-date/time

It is possible to change the shortcuts in Pluma (MATE desktop version of gedit).

For example one would like to remap the Ctrl + I go to line shortcut to 
traditional Windows Ctrl + G.

To edit this using a plugin, visit the following URL:

Download the whole package of plugins, you'll get a zip file.
Open up the zip, but do only extract the plugins folder.

Put the contents of that folder into ~/.local/share/pluma/plugins.
Important update: As of pluma 1.8.0, plugins folder has moved from ~/.config/pluma/plugins to the above location.

This will give you a lot of new plugins.
(Or if you do only want to edit shortcuts pick out editshortcut and files.)

Open Pluma and go to Edit -> Preferences and then the last tab Plugins.

Enable these plugins:
- Edit shortcuts
- Text size - you will be able to zoom using Ctrl +/- or Ctrl + mouse wheel.
- External tools - you can use F5 for date and time insertion

Regarding Edit shortcuts, you now have a new menu entry at Tools -> Edit shortcuts.
To edit Ctrl+G, go to PlumaWindowActions, you will find it there.
Some shortcuts needs to be done twice, first you need to unmap it (double click
and do backspace and), close the dialog and then reopen dialog and map it.

This was the case with Ctrl + G as it is by default mapped to another action.

For Autocomplete, install the following:

As of 2015-08-22 these files located on dropbox are gone.

For F5-date:
Enable plugin External tools.
Then go to Tools->Manage external tools
Click on the little button down to the left to make a new command.

Fill in the following in the field to the right:

The big textbox:
/bin/date +'%Y-%m-%d %T'

Quick key: <Push F5 key>
Save: Nothing
Input: Current document
Output: At cursor position
Usability: All documents (unchanged)

Click close.

Extra fuss on Debian Jessie 8:

When trying to enable plugins in pluma under this OS, I got some errors.

** (pluma:10735): WARNING **: Error initializing Python interpreter: could not import pygtksourceview.

Solved by

apt-get install python-gtksourceview2

On Edit Shortcuts I got the following:

ImportError: No module named glade

Solved by 
apt-get install python-gtk2 python-glade2

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