Mint 15/Ubuntu 13.04: Mount NTFS partition permanently

Open a terminal, type:
sudo bash

Make a location to mount partition:
mkdir -p /media/win

Find the UUID of the partition:

This will output a list of partitions on the system, look for 
the one that is yours and notice the UUID=-code. Example output 
of blkid:

/dev/sda1: LABEL="WINDOWS" UUID="notice-this-code" TYPE="ntfs" 
/dev/sda4: UUID="bla bla bla" TYPE="ext4" 
/dev/sda5: UUID="bla bla bla" TYPE="swap"

Edit fstab and make a line:

- For Ubuntu: gedit /etc/fstab
- For Mint: pluma /etc/fstab

Go to the bottom of the file, make a new line like this:

UUID=-the-UUID-from-above /media/win ntfs defaults 0 0

For example:

UUID=45A9BA93493434 /media/win ntfs defaults 0 0

It may also be useful to specify more options as NTFS partitions 
are missing users, groups and flags found in Linux file systems.

This sets the default charset to ISO-8859-1,makes all files chmod 777,
sets group to users, makes all files executable and more: 

UUID=45A9BA93493434 /media/win ntfs nls=iso88591,users,umask=000,gid=users,user,exec 0 0

(Do man mount for more options.)

Make sure there is an empty line at the bottom of the file, otherwise 
the system will complain. Also make sure the spaces between the parameters are there, 
plus the two zeros at end of the line.

Save the file and exit back to terminal.

Run this to activate the new line:

mount -a

If everything went fine, then the newly mounted partition should be 
available under /media/windows

To user fonts from windows in Ubuntu/Mint, do this:

Open a terminal
ln -s /media/windows/WINDOWS/Fonts/ .fonts

This makes a symbolic link named .fonts that points to the Fonts folder 
in Windows.

Change works directly, if running Mate desktop you may open the desktop 
settings and choose the windows fonts for example.

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