Resize swap

Linux complained about too small swap space after upgrading a laptop with more RAM
and then asking it to hibernate.

To fix this I did the following:

1. Resized the partitions using gparted on a USB stick.

2. Checked the current swap size with swapon -s

Linux did not follow that I changed the partition sizes.
so I had to remake the swap area:

- Opened Gparted, right-clicked on the swap partition and turned of swapping.

- Opened a terminal and did this:

mkswap /dev/sdX (replace X with your swap partition)
swapon -s (to confirm)

Turned on swapping in Gparted

Then when doing swapon -s or using htop the new size was correct.


You also need to make it a swap partition in Gparted for some reason.

The UUID will change on the partition, so you will have to manually edit /etc/fstab
and put in the new UUID for the swap partition there.

Open a terminal, type blkid to see the UUID:s.
Copy the correct UUID for the swap partition.
Open /etc/fstab and edit the swap-line so it matches the new UUID.

If you don't do this Ubuntu will silently whine about it during boot screens
and then run without swap. To check if you have swap, do swapon -s in a terminal.
If nothing is listed there, then you lack swap space.

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