TP Link TL-WPA8630(EU) (US) (CA) OpenWrt installation


Regarding hardware version: TL-WPA8630(EU) Ver: 2.0 and possibly also (US) and (CA).

This hardware version is not supported by the official OpenWrt guide, since it is missing the P (for passthrough socket) in the name:

To install it anyway I installed a patched version from here:

The file had to be renamed to something shorter, like openwrt.bin.

After the installation I got 2 LED:s lit, one of them was power. The device did no longer respond on the IP it previously had got from the router. This was because of that it was now an OpenWrt router.

Both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks were turned off.

The network interface was set to a static address of without DHCP working.

To access it after installation I had to connect a cable from the connecting computer to any of the 3 ports in the bottom of the device and assign an address to the connecting machine in the same subnet, like

Then it was possible to visit and login with the default root and admin as username and password.

In the settings page I could then activate wireless networks and change the wired network interface back from a static address to a dynamic one so it again got the address from the router.

After the installation was done I could continue upgrading to the official OpenWrt sysupgrade file since the device was now compatible with that. This did however wipe the settings so I had to do it again. A word of advice, export the settings and then import them back afterwards.

The LED button can be made working using a script on the OpenWrt page:

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