Sony WM-EX190 cassette player - tape stop inside door not opening

the problem: there is a cassette tape in the player and the door cannot be opened more than half the way.  the cassette is there for locked inside the cassette player.

explanation of the cause

the cause of this problem is roller in the bottom right corner that is supposed to push on the magnetisk tejp when the machine is playing. when the stop button is pressed this roller should fall back down together with the play head. this is however not the case, the runner get stuck in the up position. which then blocks the tape from moving out when the tape door is opened.

the reason the roller does not fall back down seems to be that it has gotten out of position.

the solution

on each side on the door  inside there are small latches that holds the cassette. formula stick something in on the side of the tape and we touch this lashes from the side of the tape. wendy's latches stop holding the tape the door can be opened.

push down the roller while taking the tape out. vem push the roller boat downwards and inwards. you may need to pick out the whole circuit board to put it properly in case. it is less complicated than it sounds.

unscrew The two screws on the back, when use a plastic hard to the touch the lashes around the back cover bending it outwards firmly. what's inside and screw the little screw in the corner. unlatch the lashes and pick the circle Ward together with the buttons out. put roller back in place and put everything else back in place.

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