PayPal - WARNING, conversion rate options has changed

Warning! PayPal does as of january 2020 perform currency conversions on it's own and the option to opt out of this and use the underlying card currency conversion has been removed or changed.

When making a purchase using PayPal as payment method with a bank card as the underlying fund then PayPal by default will manage the currency conversion on it's own, adding a huge 4% fee.

Previously it was possible allow the underlying card to make the currency conversion instead, which usually only has a currency conversion rate of 0-2%.

It was done by following this link to an outdated page:

As of May 2020 this is no longer an option. The link leads to a irrelevant page about managing funding sources.

There is a discussion of this degradation - note that the answer from PayPal is wrong.

Warning! This brutal fee is ALSO applied to refunds. Cancelling a payment on eBay made with card in another currency for example will now result in a currency conversion at PayPal that makes you get less than what you paid in return.


- For some payments it is possible to select currency conversion options on a per payment basis. It is not always availble. According to the thread:

'you click the link that  that displays currency conversion exchange rate, for instance "1 EUR = 0.XXXX GBP", and a Paypal dialog pops up that allows me to choose the currency to pay in -> I select GBP in this case -> Click "Continue in GBP" ->'

- For some automatic payments it is still possible, the thread again:

'On the page for regular  payments (  Then select each payment individually, and next to "Payment method" you have an Edit box After clicking this you select the card (or other method) to use for payment, and on this page you can also "see conversion options"'

- The best solution so far seems to be to get a card that can pay in the correct currency directly. Get a card from Curve, Revolut etcetera and set it to pay in the currency that the payment should be done in.

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