Curve promotion code D6XA5AWN / P.F.C. PFC promotion code Qtmv2PTA16


Curve offers a useful bank card called Curve Blue that has no monthly nor annual fees and no exchange fees on workdays (1,5% on weekends if exchange is needed). To use it you connect one or more other bank card  in the Curve app and then you use the Curve card to pay.

Other features besides the zero exchange rate are:

Time machine feature, if you have more than one card in  the Curve app then you can move transaction from one card to another after the payment has been done. Very useful sometimes.

All cards in one card feature, you only need to bring Curve card and have the app ready to be able to use multiple cards since you can switch between them instantly.

Fully working refunds, the card can handle refunds although it often takes some additional days compared to traditional cards.

To get rid of the exchange fee on weekends you can connect a card like Revolut and exchange to the currency that you want to pay with in advance and then pay with that cards through Curve. That way the will be no exchange fees since the amount is already exchanged.

To get a free card download the Curve app from the Apple or Google Play Store and follow the instructions to sign up. Choose the Curve Blue card since that is free. Delivery take about ten days.

Use my promotion code below when you sign up then we both get 5 GBP in the Curve app when you make the first payment with the card.

      |  D6XA5AWN  |

P.F.C. / PFC

Get a free P.F.C. card and get 50 kr (SEK) added to it.

      |  Qtmv2PTA16  |

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