Firefox Android - Reset open with settings

In Android 8 and possibly other versions Firefox Android asks what to do with files when they are requested for retrieval. The question box is the traditional Android one with an only once and an always option.

If you accidentally click always then there is a long way to revert it.

The standard suggestion is to go to the apps list in the Android settings, find the app that was made default by mistake and clear the default settings.

This does not work with Firefox Android however. It will be reverted once you try a link associated with the app. Very irritating.

Another suggestion is to follow the help for Firefox desktop edition and do it in the settings for Firefox itself. There are however no settings for this on the Android version.

A working solution was found here:

Go to about:config, search for Preferred. The wrongly associated file type will appear. Click Reset.

This is a personal note. Last updated: 2019-12-15 00:49:04.


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