Installing Defragmentor

In some customized installations of Windows XP may the defragmentor 
tool be missing and no resource to install may be available. 

So here is a guide I made up myself how to "inject" the defrag tool from 
another installation/computer with Windows XP. I made the guide by trying.

To install it manually you need access to another computer having an install of 
Windows XP with defragementor tool. Note: The computer do _not_ need to have the 
same language. But beware, using a computer with a different language results in that
the defragmentor tool will have another language too.

1. Copy the following files from the computer with defragmentor to the 
computer without it (easiest way is to search in c:\windows for dfrg*):



2. Click Start button->Run, write cmd [push enter]
Move to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, if you don't know how, write this:
CD C: [push enter]
CD \ [push enter]
CD WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 [push enter]

3. Register some of the dlls that were copied:
Write regsvr32 dfrgsnap.dll [push enter]
Write regsvr32 dfrgui.dll [push enter]

4. Open the C:\WINDOWS\INF-folder, ie Start -> Run -> Paste in the path [enter]

5. Find the dfrg.inf file, right click, select Install.

6. Bring up the task manager (Start-button->Run-> taskmgr or CTRL+ALT+DEL if 
allowed for your login), find explorer.exe in the Process tab, kill it (click on 
End Process). 

7. Do File -> Run, write explorer [enter]

Now you should have the defragmentor tool, for a start, try 
Start button->Run->dfrg.msc [enter], or do it the regular way using My Computer.

This is a personal note. Last updated: 2012-03-03 09:04:57.


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