LG 37LH5000 - Can only read USB 2.0 memory sticks

This TV supports a broad range of content formats according to the manual, it should also be able to read FAT32 as well as NTFS partitions and it has one USB port on the left side, supporting USB memory sticks up to 32 GB or external disks up to 2 TB. In theory it should be possible to just connect any USB memory stick  or external disk.

In practice I found that it did not support those two USB 3.0 memory sticks I have tried with in firmware version 3.12, it was not even possible to read one of them with the latest firmware version 3.75. All I got was an error that it was unable to read the memory sticks.

It was however able to read both an USB 2.0 memory of 2 GB and also an Orico external hard drive enclose with USB 3.0 connection. It could only read the external disk if it had already spun up and then the USB cord was connected to the TV.

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