MATE Desktop - Select action for Let the computer sleep when it has been inactive for x minutes

In MATE Desktop 1.16.2 there is a dialog to manage power settings at System, Settings, Hardware, Power management.

In this dialog there are tabs for external power settings and battery power settings.

In both of these tabs there is a setting named Let the computer sleep when it has been inactive for x minutes.

But there are no controls available to define what "sleep" means. Those who tries it anyway will find out that it means suspend action - keep the machine running but in a low power state.

Although the settings dialog is missing options I found out that there is a way to select action anyway, by reading the following thread:

The tip from the thread - run the following in a terminal as the current user:
gsettings set org.mate.power-manager action-sleep-type-battery 'suspend'

But it is also possible to choose between other modes and settings. Do the following in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Then open the dconf-editor - note, run this as the current user - NOT as root:

Navigate to the same location as in the tip above:
org -> mate -> power-manager

Two settings here are of interest: action-sleep-type-ac and action-sleep-type-battery.

Double click on them, turn off the standard values if needed and change the values as you like.

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