HTTPS Everywhere - Add sites locally

There is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Google Chromium to force sites to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. But the name of the extension is misleading, as it does not make HTTPS work "everywhere", only on sites added to a list provided by the extension itself, and this list is not directly editable.

There is however a way to force HTTPS on other sites with this extension. On Chromium do this:

Install the extension.

Open extensions page - go to chrome://extensions/ .

Click on the info link for HTTPS Everywhere.

Click on extension options or extension settings. The settings overlay owned by the extension itself will appear.

Click somewhere in the white area in the overlay just to focus it, do not change any option.

Press Ctrl+Z. Now a hidden page named "Debugging Rulesets" will appear. It has a big text box.

In this textbox put the following to force HTTPS on selected sites:

<ruleset name="some-site-nickname">
        <target host="" />
        <target host="" />

        <rule from="^http:"
                to="https:" />

Click on save. The settings should work immediately, also in incognito if you have allowed the extension to work there.

More information and examples can be found here:

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