KDE Kate editor - sort, shut up - turn off audio or sound

To sort lines:

1. Select the lines

2. Go to Settings -> Customize Kate -> Plugins and enable Textfilter, click OK until you're back at the text

3. Go to Tools -> Filter text

4. Enter "sort" in the text area and click OK.

Make it shut up - turn off audio or sound

If you in the Debian 11 MATE Desktop version of the Kate editor have an unsaved file and press Ctrl+W you will get an annoying chime sound that is hard to get rid of.

It does not obey the system sound effect settings in MATE.

To get rid of it you need to lower the sound effect setting in Plasma since Kate belongs to that desktop environment. And to do that you need to install Plasma desktop and the Plasma Pulseaudio settings.

sudo apt install plasma-desktop plasma-pa

Then run the settings dialog - note the lack of a plasma- prefix on the name of the program making it even harder to find:

In the left tab go to Hardware, Audio/Sound.
Then the tab Program.
Then there is a slider under Playback streams named Event sounds or something, drag it down to 0%.

Then close the window. Note that the settings program crashes, pops up the KDE bug reporting program that as usual is completely useless since it as usual decides on its own that it has not gathered enough information to allow you to send the bug report to the developers even if the information it has gathered seems to be more than enough. Shameful.

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