DuckDuckGo - Why not to use it

DuckDuckGo has sailed up as an alternative to Google when it comes to search engines and as of writing this (2016-09-10) it is promoting itself as a non-tracking search engine which sounds promising.

It is however currently not suitable for all-around use due to one thing. It censors the image and video  search results from not safe for work content, like adult content. One may think that you do not always need this kind of content, but what else does this search engine filter out that you are actually missing?

There is a switch in DuckDuckGo to turn off safe search, like in Google, but it does not currently apply to the image and video search results.

A search engine that is locked in safe search-mode like this is not able to compete with giants like Google and therefore stay away until this is fixed, that is my five cents.

This is a personal note. Last updated: 2016-09-10 22:40:42.







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