Gmail and Live - unknown user name or bad password. [Error="ProxyNotA...

Suddenly in Gmail when trying to fetch Live account mails through POP i got the following error (Swedish version):

Servern returnerade felet Authentication failure: unknown user name or bad password. [Error="ProxyNotA...

Gmail does not print the whole error code, but it is:


The problem turned out to be that the POP access was disabled in Outlook.
Probably an update from Micro$oft.

The solution was found here:

Click on the gear on the upper right.
Go to Connected Accounts (or Accounts)
On the left new menu, click on POP and IMAP inside Accounts
Let the page load the options

Under POP and IMAP on the right bigger side, make sure the following options are selected:
- Let devices and apps use POP
- Let Apps and device delete message from Outlook

If they are not you'll have a text about disabled POP access.

Click on Save above the settings.

Click on some other place in the options tree to the left, then back to POP and IMAP to verify that the options has taken effect and that the text about disabled POP is gone.

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