GPSLogger, exiftool, Android - Updating images with GPS position

How to use an Android device and a non GPS-equipped camera to take GPS tagged photos:

1. Install GPSLogger from Google Play on the Android device.

2. Synchronize the clock in the camera with the clock in the Android device, eg. make sure the camera has the correct time as the Android device possibly uses Internet synchronized time.

3. Check the settings in the GPSLogger app, make sure it never disconnects the GPS, set the timeout between making new points etc, make sure it outputs GPX files and so on.

4. Start logging on the Android device, and photographing and then when finished, stop logging.

5. Transfer photos from camera and GPS logs.

6. Run this in the photo directory to update the photos with the GPS log data fetched from the Android device:

exiftool -geotag "/path/to/logfiles/*.gpx" -P -m -overwrite_original ./

Note that this will update all image files that has relevant date according to the GPS files, including JPEG:s, PNG:s, RAW-files and so on.

-m = Ignore minor errors, like that Fujifilm RAF raw files sometimes have non-zero-padding
-P = Keep original file date
-overwrite_original = Overwrite the original file, do not create copies

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