PayPal and eBay - You must add a credit card to complete this purchase - No credit card

I wanted to complete a Buy Now-purchase with a fixed price on eBay and the only payment method was PayPal.

The PayPal account was verified, but at the time I did not have any credit card attached to the account.

The item had a price of 367 SEK and my balance was 380 SEK.

But I could not pay, everytime I tried I got this error and some fields to fill in a credit card:

"You must add a credit card to complete this purchase"

Searching around I found one thread suggesting that I needed to wait at least 6 days from the date when the money was transferred from the bank account to the PayPal account.

I'm not sure if this was necessary, because what solved the problem was to add more money to the PayPal account.

When retrying on the 6:th calendary working day and having more cash on the PayPal account it worked. The price ened on 382 SEK, not 367 SEK.

So, make sure you have enough cash on the PayPal account, what the listing price says does not cover the extra fees.

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