Tape Deck - JVC KD-A33 / KD-A33E Remote port tape transport pinouts

The tape deck JVC KD-A33/JVC KD-A33E has a remote port that is intended for a wired remote.

I have however discovered that this port can be used to control the deck without a remote, using a simple wire to connect the pins on this port. You do not need to keep them connected, just touch the pins so the relays inside the machine gets what you want to do.

Here is the DIN remote port on the back of the machine, I have named the pins by letters:

 C D E
B  H  F
 A I G

A to I = Stop
B to G = Play
C to F = Backward
C to G = Forward

There may be more combinations to discover, but these four are those I have found and they should be sufficient to control the deck using a Raspberry Pi with some relays for example.

Note that you do not need to supply any power as the remote was driven by the machine itself, you do only need to connect the pins, so if you connect a Raspberry Pi you will want to use relays.

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