VLC - Stuttering playback - PCR is called too late (pts_delay increased to x ms)

Opening video files in VLC from a Samba share under Debian Jessie resulted in periodic stuttering, with messages like this printed in the message dialog:

PCR  is called too late (pts_delay increased to x ms)

I found a solution here:

I opened settings (Tools->Settings).

Then I enabled all advanced settings in the lower left of the dialog. 

And then I clicked on Input/Codes to the left.

To the right I scrolled down and in the Advanced section I changed File caching from the default 300 ms to about 1200 ms. 

The reason for such high value is because of that I looked at the network caching value which defaulted to 1000ms. I guess VLC is fooled to think that a Samba share is a local file, and therefore uses the 300 ms value for local files when it should be using the network caching value of 1000 ms. So increasing file cache to something around 1000 ms or above should work - it did for me.

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