MATE Desktop - Alsa mixer replaced traditional volume controls and panel volume control gone

After installing soundconverter and then installing all gstreamer packages (apt-get install gstreamer*) to get MP3 encoding I lost the traditional MATE volume controls, both the standard audio management program and the integrated panel control was gone. In its place was mate-volume-control, named "Alsa mixer" by the window title.

I went and checked /var/log/dpkg to find out what was replaced, a quite nifty way to find out what had been thrown out lately:

$ cat /var/log/dpkg|grep remove
2015-12-12 15:37:41 startup packages remove
2015-12-12 15:37:42 remove mate-media-pulse:amd64 1.8.0+dfsg1-3 <ingen>
2015-12-12 15:37:47 startup packages remove
2015-12-12 15:37:48 remove mate-settings-daemon-pulse:amd64 1.8.2-4 <ingen>

So I had lost mate-media-pulse and mate-settings-daemon-pulse. I reinstalled these, which put the audio management program back. After rebooting (tried killing mate-panel which did not do the trick) I got the panel volume control back too.

$ apt-get install mate-media-pulse mate-settings-daemon-pulse

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