Network adapter - ZyXEL NWD6605 - How to get rid of WPS in Windows

After installing the drivers for this USB WIFI adapter a dialog prompting for WPS button pushing action appear in the lower right of the screen. You cannot get rid of it whatever you do in the interface and it blocks normal classic operation of the network card.

What you need to do: 

Go to the driver installation folder, possibly C:\Program files (x86)\ZyXEL (blah blah)

Locate and copy the Driver folder inside the ZyXEL folder containing WPSStatus.exe, a Driver folder and other stuff to the desktop.

Uninstall the driver from the Add and remove programs section in Control panel

Open Device manager from the Control panel, right click in the top of the computer tree and force a refresh of the devices. Now the network card will reappear as a partly unknown network AC device.

Right click on that device, choose to install a new driver. Tell the guide that you know the location of the driver, point it to the Driver folder on the desktop and install it.

After this the USB adapter seems to work normally, when the horrible WPSStatus.exe file is out of the system but the classic driver is there.

Note that you cannot simply remove WPSStatus.exe from the Program files sub folder, you must uninstall it, then ask Windows to install WITHOUT it.

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