This is a mixed list of files that I have found useful and programs that I have developed myself. Most (all) of the programs I have developed are small tools to ease the usage of Windows, help development or hardware handling. Many of my programs are dated around 2000-2006 and all of them are freeware, not saying all of the files in the list are.

The files should be virus free, but feel free to scan them before running them to be extra sure as many of them are old and have been transferred from disk to disk a lot of times.

Title Description
For Win32, 390.50 kB
Make windows always on top.
Made using Delphi, dated 2006-01-15. Downloaded 155 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 7.06 kB
Appends one file to another.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2003-11-21. Downloaded 183 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 5.33 kB
Convert from ASCII code to ASCII characters and vice versa.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2001-12-14. Downloaded 148 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 10.06 kB
Convert binary character to ASCII.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2003-11-08. Downloaded 189 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 8.86 kB
Date formatter, like PHP:s date_format.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2003-11-27. Downloaded 176 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 352.00 kB
To unlock CD drives that has been locked, quite useful when needed.
Made using Delphi, dated 2002-01-29. Downloaded 137 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 16.05 kB
Type effects in DOS.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2000-10-08. Downloaded 160 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 352.00 kB
Fork processes.
Made using Delphi, dated 2001-11-16. Downloaded 153 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 395.00 kB
An application to monitor file contents, some kind of tail-look-a-like, but GUI-based.
Made using Delphi, dated 2005-06-15. Downloaded 157 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 382.50 kB
Monitor the size of a file.
Made using Delphi, dated 2003-01-10. Downloaded 146 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 7.05 kB
Some kind of JSLint-look-a-like to debug JavaScript:s.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2000-08-17. Downloaded 187 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 6.92 kB
Detect key presses in a console.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2004-06-15. Downloaded 156 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 389.50 kB
Move the cursor.
Made using Delphi, dated 2002-04-24. Downloaded 145 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 386.00 kB

Made using Delphi, dated 2005-08-28. Downloaded 141 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 9.88 kB
Move files, in some way.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2004-07-11. Downloaded 196 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32 Console, 4.77 kB
A program that prints the parameters it is sent.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2004-01-14. Downloaded 197 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 30.77 kB
The famous DLL file with a lot of useful functions.
Made using Visual Basic 5.0 SP3, dated 2000-01-16. Downloaded 70 times since 2011-11-15.
For Win32 Console, 382.50 kB
Pop up a standard information message dialog with custom text defined by parameters, useful for scripting.
Made using Delphi/TP, dated 2004-05-14. Downloaded 160 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 390.50 kB
A timer program with start and stop.
Made using Delphi, dated 2005-01-19. Downloaded 147 times since 2011-11-13.
For Win32, 436.50 kB
List open windows - visible and hidden ones.
Made using Delphi, dated 2003-01-10. Downloaded 137 times since 2011-11-13.







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