Select conversion method, insert your data below and push button to convert data.

Available conversions
  • Sort lines ascending A-Z
  • Sort separated asecending A-Z
  • Base 64 encoding
  • Base 64 decoding
  • Binary to hexadecimal
  • Uuencode decoding
  • Uuencode encoding
  • CRC32
  • Sort lines descending Z-A
  • Sort separated descending Z-A
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • End of line space killer
  • Hebrew to visual text
  • Hebrew to visual text with newlines
  • Hexadecimal to binary
  • HTML entities encoding
  • HTML entities decoding
  • JSON compressed print
  • JSON pretty print
  • Length (Multibyte)
  • MD5
  • Metaphone
  • Nothing
  • Newlines and tabs to spaces
  • Quoted-printable decoding
  • Quoted-printable encoding
  • Robber language encoding
  • Repeat lines horizontally
  • Reverse line order
  • Robber language decoding
  • SAM4S decode
  • SAM4S encode
  • SHA1
  • Short time calculator
  • Sort list by list
  • Soundex
  • Length
  • Reverse
  • Lowercase
  • Uppercase
  • Shuffle string
  • Strip tags
  • ROT13
  • Word count
  • Trim
  • Time calculator
  • Uppercase words
  • URL decoding
  • URL encoding
Your workflow


You can call this page as a webservice. You can choose between JSON output and plain text output. Request can be sent as GET or POST.

Possible parameters are:

  • format - Specifies the format with json,text or html.
  • input - The data to be processed.
  • conversion - The type of conversion to do, can be one of the following: asortlines, asortseparated, base64_encode, base64_decode, bin2hex, convert_uudecode, convert_uuencode, crc32, dsortlines, dsortseparated, duplicatelinekiller, eolskiller, hebrev, hebrevc, hex2bin, htmlspecialchars, htmlspecialchars_decode, jsoncompressedprint, jsonprettyprint, mb_strlen, md5, metaphone, nothing, newlines_tabs_to_spaces, quoted_printable_decode, quoted_printable_encode, robber_language_encode, repeat_lines_horizontal, reverse_line_order, robber_language_decode, sam4s_decode, sam4s_encode, sha1, short_timecalc, sort_list_by_list, soundex, strlen, strrev, strtolower, strtoupper, str_shuffle, strip_tags, str_rot13, str_word_count, trim, timecalc, ucwords, urldecode, urlencode

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