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Web development

I develop web applications (homepages, mobile applications, backend services and more) using HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript.

To this list you may also add basic knowledge in Linux - put up your own server, administer and install. I also have basics in hardware management.

I prefer Linux for work and server environment, but can also handle Windows, some console modes and so on.


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  • 2013-09 - 2016-09 - Non-profit

    The media archive

    The media archive I needed a photo gallery, so I built one from scratch that renders the front end almost completely with jQuery/JavaScript and a back end in PHP/MySQL that communicates in the JSON format. There is also a service in the back end intended to run as a cron periodically to keep track of file changes, like when new photos arrive. Thanks go out to my brother for some style sheet improvements.

  • 2016-07 - 2016-07 - Non-profit

    Uttervik - phpBB3 bullentin board

    Uttervik - phpBB3 bullentin board I install and configure a fresh phpBB3 bullentin board for the local house community in Uttervik, Sweden. Together with my brother Joakim ( we come up with a custom design which he takes photos for and design which I then I apply to the board. We also act as board administrators and makes a local mailbox campaign to let people in the area know about the boards existence.

  • 2015-01 - 2015-02 - Contract

    Drammen Havn - Arrival and departure list

    Drammen Havn - Arrival and departure list Developed a dynamic arrival- and departure list for ships at Drammen Havn on request by Godt Sagt kommunikasjon AS. This Contract involved HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and cURL web API communication to fetch information from the data source.

  • 2010-11 - 2012-12 - Hired


    Neovici Worked as a web developer for Neovici, where my primary task is to further develop their online invoice management web application INBOX. I do also take part in a lot of in house productions - administration tools and other side projects. Creates a mass of web services. Learns jQuery/jQuery-UI. Worked with MySQL and MSSQL databases, writes stored procedures for both. Makes smartphone sites in jQuery Mobile.

  • 2009-01 - Free time


    Klebe A portfolio site for my brother.

  • 2008-12 - 2013-09 - Free time


    Kreosot Creates an audio service that streams audio over the HTTP protocol as an experiment. First it was only intended for Winamp as client but over the years I have added support for direct streaming to web browsers using jPlayer including smartphones - like Chrome on Android.

  • 2008-11 - Non-profit

    Save Kulla!

    Save Kulla! Rescue project for a threatened forest in Värmdö.

  • 2008-09 - Free time


    1346 Trying to build a smaller web crawler.

  • 2008-11 - Free time


    counter Page visits counter, built for the best flexibility. Flows firmly into other projects.

  • 2007-11 - 2008-06 - Hired


    Spray Worked as a front-end deloper at the swedish internet portal Spray. Develops login systems and enters the JSON world.

  • 2007-11 - Free time

    When shall I sleep?

    When shall I sleep? Simple assistant for tired planners.

  • 2007-05 - Free time

    Small things

    Small things An market site for small things below 100 SEK. Totally made by me, including a unique template system that eases separation of PHP- and MySQL-code.

  • 2007-04 - Contract


    Workey Helped Workey with basics in XHTML- and CSS for example on search page and result viewing.

  • 2007-04 - Free time

    Night life

    Night life Biggest community I have built up to the date of it. It had all that my previous communities had, including threaded forum, session handling and other nice things.

  • 2006-03 - Contract

    Blästertjänst i Sydnärke

    Blästertjänst i Sydnärke Used the base from Ögonblicket site.

  • 2005-12 - Contract


    m3-projektet Used the base from Ögonblicket site, modified it to into a doubled menu and more.

  • 2005-12 - Contract

    Ögonblicket Optik AB

    Ögonblicket Optik AB Developed the whole page, home-made publication system which an 70 year old computer newcomer managed to use.

  • 2005-09 - Free time


    Commandline Shared communication is shared fun, or what? Must everything need to be so complicated Can't you manage with only one chat box? I tried! You write in the box and it will be saved directly. Anyone can edit the box, just click outside - saved. Made before AJAX was popular, but works the same.

  • 2005-06 - Free time

    Header analyzer

    Header analyzer We needed control over HTTP headers in the the Napparaten project. So I invented this analyzer. It shows what the user usally does not see quickly and styled.

  • 2005-06 - School


    Napparaten A school project to make a page for the natural science institution on Södertörns university. Here I developed my - for that time - known isNoError() error handling system and also file storage using MySQL.

  • 2005-05 - Contract

    Media technology

    Media technology Coded the publication system and the code that meets the Flash user interface.

  • 2005-01 - Free time


    Rubbe Got so many MSN-images so I made a webpage where my friends could vote on the best one. Many disturbed photos was created, or was it just disturbed?

  • 2005-01 - Free time


    Film Recorded a top movie with my brother. And of course I needed to get it out on the web. It has been more movies since then.

  • 2004-09 - Free time


    x54 Can you build a mobile community in one weekend? Yes you can! Started on the friday and on sunday night I could login with my Ericsson T39m and send messages to my friends. Try you too, it's free, enter the cellphone browser.

  • 2003-09 - Free time


    Winampen A webradio where the users choose what to play. Connected my Winamp (mp3-player program) to a webpage and let my closest friends listen to the webradio - and CHOOSE the music LIVE. Awesome.

  • 2002-xx - Free time


    Mellowdance My third community. Just got to be a file system. Put all the force on decent file handling in MySQL.

  • 2001-xx - Free time


    Tjattra My second community. PHP and MySQL. Brutal thing with everything that Pilutt had and much more. About 15 users.

  • 1999-xx - Free time


    Pilutt My first community. Hammered in ASP with MsAccess-database. Search functionality, user handling and online list.

  • 1997-xx - Free time


    Lurfball First home page. Was also named R.C.K. and other strange things. Was hosted on Geocities among other places and then 7(!) year on BIP, until it transformed to Spray and they "lost" me. The page had a blog, old classmates remember the THINK-page where I wrote everything I felt for. Ouch!

  • 2007-10 - Free time

    Slackware 12.0 - server

    Slackware 12.0 - server Puts up my second Linux-server in Slackware 12.0, which replaces the old server. Installation goes much smoother than the last time. At last does Small things get the performance it deserves. Computer: 1,80 GHz P4 processor, 512 MB RAM and 20 GB harddrive.

  • 2004-xx - Free time

    Slackware 9.1 - server

    Slackware 9.1 - server Puts up my first Linux server in Slackware 9.1. Compiles MySQL, PHP, Apache and some other programs. Uses the server as a router and a web server till 2007. Computer: 166 MHz Pentium Pro processor, 32 MB RAM and 2 GB harddrive.

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